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Our Story

An Oasis to Age Gracefully…

Over 40 years ago, the largest single family home Iowa has ever known was planted in the rich Grundy County soil near Conrad. This 16,000 square foot French provincial home, known as the Conrad Mansion, corners and crevices radiate with mystery and majesty. Some call it “palatial, fancy, extravagant, a masterpiece in workmanship, and a dream home.” But for the Jeff and Kim Mossman family they simply call it “home”. They’ve raised their older kids who are all grown and on their own and now are raising their four adopted children. Their three oldest had their graduation parties and their eldest even held her wedding reception in the grand gymnasium. My favorite memory, Jeff says, “is their children’s ‘blizzard parties’. When a blizzard was in the forecast the kids would call their friends and if the forecasters were right we’d all be snowed in for days with nonstop fun and food!” If only the walls could talk!

Now after 13 years of calling the Conrad Mansion their private home Jeff and Kim are opening their doors and arms wide to what some call its ultimate destiny, a Senior Living home for 16 seniors. They call it the Conrad Mansion Country Estates. Here seniors are invited to live life together with other seniors and be cared for by loving staff assisting them with: cleaning, bathing, eating and just plain enjoying life in a loving caring community.

Each senior’s bedroom will have its own beautiful spa bathroom. The Mossman’s painstakingly worked to keep the charm and repurposed much of the imported marble and other unique features throughout the estate.

“Our home becomes your home,” Mr. Mossman says.  Initially the Mossman family, with their four children, will remain in a wing of the home and interact as part of this senior community. “We will just be expanding our family. And we will even have a full time chef making delicious and nutritious meals from scratch throughout the day… my wife is looking forward to having the chef, and so am I!” Mr. Mossman says.

Another feature the Conrad Mansion Country Estates will offer is a place for family members to come for special occasions. Grandma may want to have a family dinner at Thanksgiving or Christmas or host a family reunion or special birthday party. Because of our size and features she can do just that. The home is also open daily for family to come together and shoot baskets in the gym, play some pool, read a book with Grandma in the library by the fireplace or go for an outdoor stroll with Grandma and enjoy a stroll through the many gardens and fountains. Because we are a real home, filled with joy, laughter, food and fun, the Grandchildren will enjoy visiting Grandma and Grandpa too. We even have a petting zoo and eggs to gather each and every day.

One of the things we’ve heard from seniors is how nice it is to live in the country and still be close to town. Many seniors grew up on the farm or have fond memories of country living. Now seniors can watch the corn grow right out their bedroom window! Busy streets, noise, and buildings are replaced with corn fields, tractors, a few cows, lambs and plenty of chickens’ laying farm fresh eggs. It’s relaxing and feels like home because it is a home and has been a home for over 40 years. The Mossman family and staff of the Conrad Mansion Country Estates say, ‘Welcome Home, Welcome Home’.

For questions or to set up a tour feel free to call Mr. Mossman at the Conrad Mansion Country Estates at 641.691.4628

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